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Тип : Продам
Дата : 8 июля, 2021
Состояние : Б/у
Гарантия : Есть
Местоположение : 23 Mon Valli

Garmin GTN 750 Touchscreen

the GTN 750 system, it’s easier than ever to build and modify your flight plan. As you enter waypoints, our FastFind feature automatically begins searching for the nearest identifier as soon as you start typing — so in most situations a press or two reveals just what you were thinking. The system even lets you load Victor airways and high-altitude jet routes by conveniently displaying the airway segments available from a waypoint and the corresponding exit options. Graphical flight planning capabilities allow you to preview your entire route on the map, and the handy «rubber band» feature lets you grab any leg of your route and move it to accommodate amendments to your flight plan.

При звонке продавцу упомяните BAZZAR.UZ, что вы взяли номер здесь.

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